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An Exclusive Web Governance Event

Provo, UT | September 25-27, 2023


Opening Keynote

Panel of experts discuss their observations around privacy compliance, where it’s going, and how to keep up.

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ObservePoint Rockstars

Speed dating meets tech conference. Join us along with 5 of the best ObservePoint users in our customer base as they show off their coolest ObservePoint hacks.

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Bridging Vision and Implementation: Harnessing the Power of ObservePoint’s API

Uncover the potential to positively impact your company’s P&L, enhance customer experiences, and drive growth, all while quantifying the results in a language that resonates with both the boardroom and the backend. Don’t miss this opportunity to bridge the gap between vision and implementation with ObservePoint’s API.

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Using ObservePoint Actions for Custom Data Insights

In this interactive breakout session, participants will explore various use cases of collecting custom data during ObservePoint scans.

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Using ObservePoint to help with Privacy Compliance

Watch as one of our most privacy-centric customers showcases how they use ObservePoint to help keep on top of ever-changing data privacy laws.

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Panel Discussion with Q&A on Navigating Privacy Compliance

New data privacy laws are passed every day, and huge enterprises must be nimble and compliant to avoid massive fines. In this course, you’ll learn how other companies set up their compliance programs, how to understand if it’s actually working, and how to mitigate risk of privacy violations.

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What to Consider when Designing a Privacy Compliance Program

A successful privacy compliance program isn’t one that never experiences a breach – although that would be ideal. What makes a privacy compliance program successful is what happens before a breach: anticipating a breach, preparing for the worst, and expecting the best of your compliance team.

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