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An Exclusive Web Governance Event

Provo, UT | September 25-27, 2023

Bridging Vision and Implementation: Harnessing the Power of ObservePoint’s API

By Jarrod Wilbur & Sam Valind, Room & Board

Both CEOs and backend developers will leave this session equipped with actionable insights and strategies to leverage ObservePoint’s API effectively. Uncover the potential to positively impact your company’s P&L, enhance customer experiences, and drive growth, all while quantifying the results in a language that resonates with both the boardroom and the backend. Don’t miss this opportunity to bridge the gap between vision and implementation with ObservePoint’s API.

Ideal for:
This session is designed to be approachable for both customers and prospective customers, and relevant to any level of technical expertise. This session will be valuable to everyone from CEOs to backend developers. Please don’t shy away even if you’d likely not implement an API on your own.

Sam Valind

Sr. Data Architect

Sam Valind is the Senior Data Architect for Business Intelligence at Room & Board with a history of working with the biggest players in healthcare and real estate. Sam has spent her time in the industry driving implementation, data integration and automation to give companies a competitive edge and improve customer experiences. Sam has focused her career on leveraging automation and optimization to impact each company’s bottom line through revenue generation, spend optimization and cost savings.

Jarrod Wilbur

Sr. Solutions Architect

Jarrod Wilbur is a Sr. Solutions Architect at Observepoint. He has been with ObservePoint since 2018. His role places him in front of customers daily, developing solutions that solve problems. He uses the ObservePoint API and many others on a daily basis. Jarrod enjoys the same slew of outdoor activities most Utah residents do, and has trademarked a 6th love language: Papusas.

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