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An Exclusive Web Governance Event

Provo, UT | September 25-27, 2023

ObservePoint Rockstars

By Cameron Cowan

Speed dating meets tech conference. Join us along with 5 of the best ObservePoint users in our customer base as they show off their coolest ObservePoint hacks. These rapid fire, high level demos will show you their unique problem to solve, how they used ObservePoint to solve it, and how this solution made a difference on their team.

Ideal for:
Intermediate or Advanced ObservePoint users who are looking for creative ways to use ObservePoint in their companies

Target Audience:
This breakout session is suitable for anyone who is familiar with ObservePoint. It is likely that the content might be too advanced for a beginner user to reproduce, but will show a beginner user what is possible once they are more familiar with the tool. Demos in this session will cover all the bases – marketing, analytics, privacy, and more.

Li Evans

Senior Manager, Digital-Experience Platforms, Adobe and Martech

Liana “Li” Evans is an industry seasoned (17+ years) multi-solutionist specializing in Client Digital Experiences (CDX) focusing on the suite of Adobe Experience Cloud products and CDPs. As a recovering programmer & data base administrator, she fell into digital marketing, bridging the technical with the imaginative and ended up writing a book for Que Press, “Social Media Strategies: Engaging Strategies for Facebook, Twitter & Other Social Media”. She loves teaching teams (both internal and external) on how to utilize and capitalize on leveraging Mar-Tech technologies to not only create impactive customer experiences, but also improve ROI for client strategic initiatives.

Cameron Cowan

Senior Director, Product Strategy

Cameron Cowan is the Sr. Director of Product Strategy at ObservePoint and a veteran of the marketing analytics, digital advertising, and enterprise software industries. He plays an active role in product management, technical marketing, and GTM execution. Prior to his time at ObservePoint, Cameron spent 13 years working for Adobe (via the Omniture acquisition), and gained experience in account management, consulting, and technical sales before establishing himself as a leader in product management, technical marketing, and business strategy. His career has included living overseas on multiple occasions and collaborating with marketers and technologists on four continents.

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