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Adobe's ObservePoint Strategy: Innovative Ways to Better Serve
Customers & Colleagues

Richard Calentine Sr. Customer Success Value Engineer, Adobe Federal

Prioritizing Proactivity: How One Customer Makes Web Governance Easier
with ObservePoint

Brian Fielbrandt Director of Analytics, Pollard Banknote

ObservePoint Rockstars

Cameron Cowan Sr. Director Product Strategy, ObservePoint 


Speed dating meets tech conference. We're bringing together a handful of outstanding users from our customer  base to showcase their most impressive hacks using ObservePoint. Experience a series of dynamic, high-energy  demonstrations where each participant will explain a unique challenge they faced, how they leveraged ObservePoint to address it, and the impact their solution had on their team. Don't miss this opportunity to see  the incredible problem-solving potential of ObservePoint!

Product Sneaks: See What We’ve Been up to with our Beta Team

Jarrod Wilbur Technical Product Manager, ObservePoint 


ObservePoint’s web scanner tells you what’s happening on the page, but up until now, we haven’t yet had a
solution for how all content and customer experiences on that page stack up. Our product team has been working closely with a handful of customers to Beta an incredible new feature we’re calling Click All+, a way to click and interact with any link, button, video, and more on a page. Join this session to see how it works, customer wins, and  how YOU can get in on future Beta projects. (Click All+ is coming to all customers soon in 2024!) 

Rules, Alerts: Work Smarter, Not Harder with Automation

Macey Bell Customer Success Manager, ObservePoint 

Dylan Sellars VP Customer Success, ObservePoint


Maintaining your website is a huge job, and ObservePoint makes it easier. But, if you’re not using Rules, Alerts, &  Automation, you’re not getting the best part of our product - the ability to set things up to work in the back ground and move on to other projects. Join Macey & Dylan as they go through recommended Alerts & Rules, as  well as how to set them up. Get guidance on what kinds of Audits to automate and how often. Bring your laptops  and follow along workshop-style and get insights on how to customize Rules, Alerts, and automation for your  unique business needs.  

ObservePoint Foundations

Chris Hawkes Customer Success Team Lead & Global Onboarding Manager, ObservePoint

Masen Sarabia Customer Success Manager, ObservePoint 

Jared Paxton Technical Customer Success Manager, ObservePoint 


Getting up to speed with ObservePoint is not for the faint of heart - we know, we’ve been there! But once you’ve  got the basics nailed, the possibilities are endless. Chris specializes in getting our new (or rusty 😉) customers up  and running in no time. Join this session to learn foundational concepts of Audits, Journeys, Pre-Audit Actions,  On-Page Actions, Consent Categories, and more. If you didn’t understand that last sentence, this is the perfect  session for you. 

Web Governance: What Is It, Why Does It Matter, and Why’s It so Dang Hard?

Rob Clarke Chief Product Officer, ObservePoint

Kyle Woodruff EVP Marketing, ObservePoint 

Cameron Cowan Sr. Director Product Strategy, ObservePoint