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Provo, UT | September 25-27, 2023

What to Consider when Designing a Privacy Compliance Program

by Bebe Vanek, Privacy Attorney for University of Utah Hospital

A successful privacy compliance program isn’t one that never experiences a breach – although that would be ideal. What makes a privacy compliance program successful is what happens before a breach: anticipating a breach, preparing for the worst, and expecting the best of your compliance team. This presentation will highlight several factors to consider when designing a privacy compliance program, explored through the lens of a regulated entity in health care. Exploring federal bulletins showcasing examples of high and low impact violations of a federal health information privacy law, participants will learn about engaging stakeholders, evaluating internal policies, conducting audits, and more, as a guide to understanding the key aspects and framework of a successful privacy compliance program. Participants will also gain a high level understanding of the U.S privacy law patchwork, speculation about a uniform federal privacy policy, while noting the complexity of the changing landscape of US privacy law and best practices for staying informed.

Ideal for:
Any level of OP experience, those wanting to see how others navigated change management and gained buy-in around privacy compliance at their company

Bebe Vanek

Bebe Vanek isn’t your typical lawyer – she’s driven by values, rather than just value-add. As a privacy professional in a regulated industry, Bebe is serious about creating successful compliance programs – especially when it comes to protecting client privacy. From litigation to contracts, Bebe brings humor and compassion to her work, focusing on improving systems and inspiring teams.

With a decade of legal experience, Bebe’s unique perspective on the law and people, highlights the importance of relationships and preparation, being fearless in execution, and finding system weaknesses and barriers to compliance. A Californian turned Washington hippie (by way of a 13 year layover in Utah); Bebe enjoys unplugging in her downtime. When she’s not listening to privacy podcasts, you can find her trail running, fermenting kimchi, or volunteering with rescued farmed animal sanctuaries with her kids.

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