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An Exclusive Web Governance Event

Provo, UT | September 25-27, 2023

Panel Discussion with Q&A on Navigating Privacy Compliance

By: Rezwan Ud-Din VP Global Privacy Platform Engineering – Goldman Sachs; Elizabeth Sexton, Principal Product Manager -Adobe; Amy Lewis, Sr. Consultant – Berkeley Research Group

Hear from industry leaders on how to create a culture of compliance at your company. Going over the basics, and including time for Q&A from attendees, we’ll hear about how these massive organizations keep a pulse on data privacy compliance changes, who is responsible, what processes are in place to ensure compliance throughout their orgs. Learn how respecting data privacy preference results in better trust and relationships between your brand and your customers.

Ideal for:
Any level of expertise on ObservePoint, those responsible for or interested in data privacy compliance

Rezwan Ud-Din

Goldman Sachs, Vice President – Global Co-lead of Privacy Platform Engineering

Rezwan has been working in various engineering roles at Goldman Sachs (GS) for over 25 years leading teams building best in class applications for the Financial Industry. He has worked for several divisions in GS on both the buy and sell sides of the firm with multi-year stints in London & Singapore and is currently based in Toronto, Canada. For the last 3 years he has led the Privacy Platform Engineering team to enable commercial opportunities and regulatory compliance by protecting client and employee personal and private data. Rezwan has a BSc in Computer Science from Kings College London.

Elizabeth A. Sexton

Principal Product Manager, Adobe

Elizabeth A. Sexton is a Principal Product Manager specializing in regulated industries and privacy for Adobe Digital Experiences business. Elizabeth works on global privacy regulations empowering Adobe customers with tools and capabilities to implement privacy befitting the organizations core values. Elizabeth is a versatile, energetic and creative leader, with more than 20 years of leadership experience. Elizabeth has a proven proficiency as an adaptable leader across privacy, healthcare, data management, infrastructure development and growth, and clinical research. Elizabeth holds an Executive Master of Business Administration from the University of Utah as well as a Master of Arts from the University of North Dakota. She is active in the privacy and healthcare, participating on panels, boards and volunteering her time.

Amy Lewis

Sr. Consultant, Berkeley Research Group


Amy Lewis is a Senior Managing Consultant with BRG’s Data Privacy practice, where she partners with clients to develop comprehensive privacy compliance programs bridging state, federal, and global data privacy laws. Amy’s privacy programs are founded on the principles underlying most privacy regulations, giving clients the agility to meet new privacy compliance demands as they arise in an evolving legal landscape. Amy also helps clients with data breach response, bridging the divide between technology, business, and legal teams to respond quickly while minimizing the risk to the business and to affected individuals.

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