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An Exclusive Web Governance Event

Provo, UT | September 25-27, 2023


Monday, September 25

12:00 PM
Customer Advisory Board

6:30 PM
Welcome Reception & Cocktail Hour


Tuesday, September 26

8:00 AM

9:00 AM
Opening Keynote

10:45 AM
Breakout Session

11:45 AM

1:00 PM
Breakout Session

3:00 PM
Outdoor Activities

7:30 PM
Dinner & Entertainment


Wednesday, September 27

8:30 AM

9:30 AM

10:45 AM
Breakout Session

11:45 AM

12:45 PM
Closing Keynote & Roadmap Sneaks




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Opening Keynote

Tuesday, Sept 26 & Wednesday, Sept 27 9:00am

Join us for inspiring messages from the ObservePoint team, as well as a panel of privacy experts. Listen as industry leaders discuss where privacy is going, and how to keep up with this rapidly changing environment.

Keynote Speaker

You won’t want to miss keynote speaker Stephanie Geisler, who specializes in advising CEOs and founders to achieve their full potential by strengthening leadership skills, developing emotional intelligence, and identifying tactical steps to reach lofty goals. She brings over 25 years of entrepreneurship and executive-level experience including founding four companies, landing on the Inc. 500 in 2010, taking the University of Utah’s MBA program from #79 in national rankings to #36 in just three years, and being named an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist in 2009. This session will be the perfect opportunity to find some pearls of wisdom around culture building, strategic planning, change management, regulatory compliance, and more.

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One-on-One Consultations

Each company that attends is entitled to one pre-booked, 30-minute face-to-face consultation on your toughest ObservePoint problems.

Breakout Sessions

ObservePoint Rockstars

Speed dating meets tech conference. Join us along with 5 of the best ObservePoint users in our customer base as they show off their coolest ObservePoint hacks.

Breakout Details

Bridging Vision and Implementation: Harnessing the Power of ObservePoint’s API

Uncover the potential to positively impact your company’s P&L, enhance customer experiences, and drive growth, all while quantifying the results in a language that resonates with both the boardroom and the backend. Don’t miss this opportunity to bridge the gap between vision and implementation with ObservePoint’s API.

Breakout Details

Using ObservePoint Actions for Custom Data Insights

In this interactive breakout session, participants will explore various use cases of collecting custom data during ObservePoint scans.

Breakout Details

Using ObservePoint to help with Privacy Compliance

Watch as one of our most privacy-centric customers showcases how they use ObservePoint to help keep on top of ever-changing data privacy laws.

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Panel Discussion with Q&A on Navigating Privacy Compliance

New data privacy laws are passed every day, and huge enterprises must be nimble and compliant to avoid massive fines. In this course, you’ll learn how other companies set up their compliance programs, how to understand if it’s actually working, and how to mitigate risk of privacy violations.

Breakout Details

What to Consider when Designing a Privacy Compliance Program

A successful privacy compliance program isn’t one that never experiences a breach – although that would be ideal. What makes a privacy compliance program successful is what happens before a breach: anticipating a breach, preparing for the worst, and expecting the best of your compliance team.

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What attendees think about EDGE

“Best event I’ve been to in the industry -- flawlessly executed, and you took amazing care of us each step of the way.”

“I hope to be able to join, learn, and contribute again in the future!”

"I can honestly say that what I learned throughout the event will easily drive more value for my company than any other event I have attended."

Sam Valind, Digital Analytics Implementation Specialist, Room & Board  

“I had a great time at the forum and have a couple of ideas going with my team. The views were beautiful and paired with great company.”

Justin Smyth, Wimmer Solutions. 

“I had a chance to attend EDGE last year and it was honestly one of the best conferences I attended all year. Great discussions, excellent content and beautiful location. I’ll definitely be back again this year.”

Mark Maughan, Chief Analytics Officer, SVP Customer Success